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No upcoming events at the moment

Past Events

  • 9/17/15 Fundraiser at Arts At The Armory: Somerville MA; ft. Wisty, Madison White

  • 3/6/16 Opus Underground, Salem MA: ft. Saraswathi Jones, Hope and the Husbands,Lure of the Animal, The Slaughterhouse Society

  • 6/30/16 ONCE Somerville, Somerville MA: Pilot Premiere & Performance ft. Militia Vox, Saraswathi Jones, Holly Brewer

  • 7/1/16 Arts at the Armory, Somerville MA: Panel Discussion and raw footage screening ft. Cassandre Charles, Creature Karin Webb, Laura Ligouri, Caroline Kautsire

  • 8/18/16 Waterville Opera House, Waterville ME: Pilot Screening and Discussion

  • 9/28/16 Jamaica Plain MA: Men's Discussion Group: Open discussion on toxic masculinity and men's anger

  • 11/12/16 Nimo Gallery, Salem MA: Clandestino: Immersive Art Experience ft. Katia Esperanza Tirado, David Kontra, Holy Crow, Fem Bones, JaneDoe Cabaret, Mary Widow, Xray Aims, Kristine Roan, Caleb Cole, K Lenore Siner, Natan Alexander, Empire S.N.A.F.U. Restoration Project, Zombie Romance, Porcelain Dalya, Ginny Nightshade, Michael D'Angelo, Shira Lipkin, Megan Pepin, Leah Brundige, Mitzie Gibson, Kalidasi Burgess, Brian Firefly Conroy, Rae Maltz

  • 4/5/18 Colby College, Waterville MA: Panel Discussion and BTS Screening ft. Molly Wu, Rachel Bird, Fatuma Hussein, Bodhi Simpson

  • 9/1/18 - 9/15/18 Mexico City, MEX: Scarlet Tongue Artist Residency

  • 9/6/18 Pulqueria Los Insurgentes, Roma Nte. CDMX: Performance and Documentary Short Screening ft. Katia Tirado, Samantha Bryan, Creature Karin Webb, Cassandre Charles

  • 9/15/18 Foro La Nabe, Doctores CDMX: Immersive Performance ft. Makiko Suda, Katia Tirado, Fem Bones, Creature Karin Webb, Cassandre Charles, Anna Vo, Hortensia Ramirez

  • 3/20/19 Dorchester Art Project, Boston MA: Live interactive performance ft. Makiko Suda, Katia Tirado, Samantha Bryan, Creature Karin Webb, Cassandre Charles, Pampi, Mitzie Gibson Photography

  • 3/23/19 District Hall, Boston MA: "Multilingual Anger" Workshop @ Arts Equity Summit, facilitated by Samantha Bryan, Makiko Suda, Katia Tirado, Creature Karin Webb, Cassandre Charles

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