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Just say it...


Feels good, right? Or, maybe it doesn't. Does saying that outloud bring up feelings of guilt, shame, or fear? Maybe relief or release?What if we could feel into the emotion of anger without judgement of good, bad, right or wrong, and simply acknowledge that it is just....there? 

Whether it's a letter out of the blue from an old friend who isn't sure where else to turn, or a late-night bar confession from a womxn who is fed up and fried from what she's dealing with, The Scarlet Tongue Project has become an unofficial confessional for people's anger. After receiving countless stories, it's become pretty clear that people want to be heard.

We hear you. 

Welcome to the anger confession page. This page is a safe space for womxn who need to get something off their chest. For many of us, expressing our anger out in the world, in our communities, and even in our homes can have repercussions ranging from unpleasant to dangerous. 
Not here. We want your anger; we invite it. 
Sometimes we just need to be witnessed. 

What this space IS:
Consider this a space where you can give voice to your anger, with the intention of loosening it from your system and moving toward its release. When we allow our anger to be seen, honored, and moved, our bodies and minds begin to free up space for us to experience a wider range of emotions and beliefs. Suggested tips: Go as honest and raw as you feel comfortable. Do the exercise for yourself, not us. This is a shame-free zone! If you're not ready to do it here, we hope this will inspire you to write in a private journal.

What this space is NOT:
This is NOT the space to anonymously air grievances with this project or target any members of this project. If you seek to address a conflict with a member of our team, or have tips for how we can do better with our work, we ask that you contact us at We will handle your concerns with presence and care, and respectfully take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Anger is about boundaries. We will honor your boundaries. Please honor ours. 

Tell us your anger confession here :

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